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CommunionJay Guin: Renewing Our Worship: The Lord’s Supper

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Example Communion Scripts

Title  Overview of Material
Abide  Takes John 15 as a reference point to discuss the basics of Christianity: faith, prayer, the Holy Spirit, His Words.  Quality: 3 Stars.  Words (excluding rhyme): 547
Battle Scars Describes the contraditions in Christianity and in Jesus emotions on the night of Passover. A little too long for more churches, you'll have to cut. Quality: 3 Stars.      Word Count: 748
Drip, Drip, Drip. The Power of the Blood. The cross changes things.  From courage to committment, from hatrid to love . . .  Word Count:  Approx. 840 (long, but every word counts).  Quality:  5 stars
Eat My Flesh  "Whoever eats my flesh . . message on taking Jesus into our lives. Quality:  3 stars. Word count:  327 (short); 580 (long)
Family Communion as part of the "Christian Family" and fellowship. Quality:  4 stars. Word Count:  427
Fear Not Every encounter with the angels led them to say: "Fear not."  We can be paralyzed by our fear.  The devil uses that. Est. Quality:  3 stars. Word Count:  527
He didn't stay in a barn Encourages us to enjoy the wonder of Christmas, but also remember His sacrifice on the Cross. Est. Quality: 4-5 Stars.  Word Count: 628
He's Been There Uses the example of soldiers' identification with others who have been in conflict to lead into Heb. 4 of our High Priest having experienced every temptation. Quality: 4 stars. Word Count: 400 (short); 639 (long)
The Cup Message on the sacrifice implied at the Cross and in accepting the Cup.  Word Count: 679.   Quality: 3-4 Stars.
The Cup (in rhyme)  Christ's sacrifice shown in the cup. The last page done in rhyme.  Word Count: 377.   Quality: 3 stars
The Serpant's Head is Crushed Romans 5.  Explores what Adam's emotions were after The Fall.  Uses metaphors to illustrate Jesus' chrushing the serpants head.  Quality:  4-5 stars.   Word Count: 1336
The Valley of Humilation At Communion, Jesus warned Peter and if we examine ourselves He's willing to warn us.  But even if we fail and fall into the Valley of Humiliation there is Hope in Him. Quality:  4 stars. Word Count: 795 (sorry)


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