Worship Service – 11/1/2015

Generous Love
\”What is Generous Love? If there is generous love, does that mean there is a stingy love as well?Thomas Hawk / Foter.com / CC BY-NC




Today’s Order of Worship 11/1/2015


A New Anointing

Welcome/Call To Worship

** No Other Gods
#909 ** There’s a Fountain Free
#123 ** The Steadfast Love of The Lord
SONG ** I Will Change Your Name


#701 ** My Jesus, I Love Thee


#680 ** Yes, Lord, Yes


#167 ** Hosanna
Said I Wasn’t

“Generous Love”

If there is generous love, is there a stingy love?
#692 ** Change My Heart, O God
Let’s Live It

 Songs with an ** have Learning MP3 tracks available online

Bulletin 11-01-15 (2.5 MiB, 439 downloads)

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