November Bulletins/Order of Worship & Song Books

While we would often rather avoid this conversation, the reality is that Jesus spends a lot of time talking about the way believers should handle their money.  66% of the parables that Jesus told dealt with money.  1 out of 10 verses in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John talk about money.  There are more than 2,300 verses in all of scripture that deal with money, and there are lessons here that Jesus desperately wants us to learn.



 Order of Worship
& Song Book

Bulletin 2017-11-19 (2.4 MiB, 7 downloads)
Song Book 2017-11-19 (7.5 MiB, 6 downloads)
Bulletin 2017-11-12 (2.5 MiB, 8 downloads)
Song Book 2017-11-12 (5.2 MiB, 5 downloads)
Bulletin 2017-11-05 (2.4 MiB, 10 downloads)
Song Book 2017-11-05 (12.1 MiB, 10 downloads)

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