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In the directory below you will find many of the songs used in worship service that have been created so that you can learn the various parts.  You can choose to listen to an equal mix of bass, soprano, alto and tenor, just your part or one part in one ear and a mix in the other.  Many of the songs without sheet music are from Songs of Faith and Praise and the music may be found there.  Some of the songs we unfortunately do not have sheet music for.


Song Directory

These tracks are provided only for the purpose of learning to sing the various parts of the songs.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this marvelous site!! I have spent so much time searching the web & Youtube for quality a capella hymns that have meant so much to me throughout my life, and you have brought it all together in one place!!! May I submit a request? I have told my family that, at my funeral, I want the congregation to sing “Sing On, Ye Joyful Pilgrims” — joyfully, zestfully, triumphantly!! My kids don’t know this grand old hymn, and I would love for it to be included in your repertoire so they can learn to love it like I do!

    Thanks again, and bless all of you who are involved in this ministry!

    Mike Monroe
    Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ
    Arlington, Texas

    1. Thank you for your response, It is wonderful that many are now finding our site and that many may learn the joy of using their voice to praise our Father. I have passed your request to Tim.

  2. Just an incredible job and service to the church, especially for smaller congregations where numbers of “good singers” are especially small. Thank you for all the work so many have done. I wish there was a better way to help the entire brotherhood realize what resource all of you have created. It used to be when you bought song books that they came with a casette tape of all the songs so you could learn any unfamiliar ones. That day is long gone. This site is an even better replacement for that.

    We often have a couple of our young granddaughters over. The three year old loves to sing. Her younger sister is an enthusiastic listener. What a wonderful way to help teach them how to sing in tune the “songs of the church.” There has also got to be a way to use this maybe like one of the old fashioned singing schools for younger kids in Bible class. Thank you so very much.

    Recovering from back surgery and doing well but I couldn’t sleep at all tonight. I have to laugh at the providence of God in finding this site and making something so good come out of what otherwise seemed like a wasted night :). Our God is an awesome God! Thanks again.

  3. Are you the same guy who used to post videos on You Tube with shaped notes and lyrics? Because this sounds real familiar. If you are, I saw your comment at your channel stating there was copyright issues.

  4. Wonderful site! Could you possibly rig an option that enables it to play through all the EqualMix recordings (sort of playlist-style) so that we could enjoy listening through them all without having to start each selection separately? Thanks for all the good work!

    1. Steve,
      Thank you for your suggestion and perhaps this is something we can look at in the future. The primary purpose for the site is for teaching people to be able to sing the various parts of the songs but we will keep it in mind.

      1. Hope you’re still considering my suggestion. Listening straight through the songs could help many of us easily hear new songs (to us) that we’d then want to learn the parts to. Thanks again!

        1. Steve,
          At this time you can download the songs you are interested in and create your own playlist that you can listen to. Currently, the learning tracks are within the copyright laws but it might be a problem if we allowed listening to playlist. The other issue would be the potential increase in listening which could impact our cost to run an internet site without advertising or cost.

          1. Can you please tell me how to download the songs/parts. I’d love to play then to our congregation to help us improve our song worship.
            I just can’t find a download link or can’t figure out another way to download except to copy onto a recorder and playback (which won’t be doing justice). Thank you for all you do in His name.

          2. Charles,

            We are so glad that you want to use the learning tracks. When you go to the music library you can expand the folder of the song you are interested in by clicking on the plus to the top left of the folder. For the part that you are interested in you can right click on the file. There will be a menu and on the PC select “save link as” to download the song to your computer. The songs are in mp3 format and those that have music are pdf files.

  5. Again I would like to say that this is excellent.

    One suggestion that I have is that you list the book that you are using. We use Praise for the Lord, and I suspect that you use Songs of Faith and Praise. I have been amazed by the number times that songs have different music. At first I wondered what was going on, but I figured it out. For example, Amazing Grace in PFTL is in the key of G, but in SOFAP it is in the key of A Flat. And that is not the only difference between the song books for that song alone.

    If at the top of this page you put what song book you use, that would be helpful to those of us who are not members of your congregation.

    Thanks again, Brethren

    1. Don,
      Thank you for your suggestion. Most of the songs without sheet music are as you suspect from SOFAP. When we add new songs we try to acquire or create a song sheets for our team and congregation to be able to learn the music. Unfortunately, there are a number of songs that the team uses that are not from SOFAP and we do not have the music for at this time.
      I have added a note to our worship order and this page to point those interested to SOFAP as the source for much of the music. Thank you for that suggestion.
      As you mentioned, other song books will often have a slightly different arrangements and one of our song leaders has worked with others to create yet a few new arrangements. Just As I Am – New is one of those and the sheet music is available.

  6. I forgot to add – I am from Sri Lanka and I stumbled upon your site when I was googling for a capella versions of Christian songs (another site recommended your page). I serve among rural children – and this was like wow!! Thanks again

  7. What a wonderful tool….. I am enjoying this site and will pass it on.
    Thank you. Wish I had known about it earlier when my Mom was in a nursing home. Beautifully done !

  8. Greetings from the Netherlands. I just want to let you know that your work is also bearing fruit on the other side of the Atlantic. I’m very grateful to finally be learning the tenor of my favorite English hymns. My daily commute to work is now one of the highlights of my day us I sing along with the recordings, praising and thanking God.

    I have one suggestion / request. Your website is mobile device friendly but this page is not because it is so long. It would be great if the songs were grouped alphabetically so that you only load the chosen section. For example A-F G-L M-R S-Z.

    Remco Dijkstra
    Eindhoven church of Christ

    1. Thank you for your comment and we are glad that you have found our training tracks useful for learning and praising God. We will certainly look at modifying our page by grouping the songs. Thank you for the suggestion.


  9. Hi there!

    We are practicing once a week with some members of our congregation using your recordings and I was wondering if there is any way I could receive a Zip file or some other means so I can download all songs as one download? It takes a long time to download everything “manually”.

    Very grateful for your hard work and dedication in this music ministry as it is really helping us a lot!

    Kind regards,

    1. Ivo,
      We are so glad that you are finding our learning tracks useful for your congregation. Unfortunately, the file manager we are using does not currently allow multiple file selection which would make it easier. A technique I use for sites like this is to right-click on the file and pick a location to save the first song. This directory becomes the default and you can then select the next file and right click and save that file even though it is still downloading the first. Depending on your internet speed I find I can download many files walk away and come back when it has finished. Hopefully, this will work for you.


  10. A group of us in the Netherlands come together to practice singing 4 part harmoneies so we can apply it on Sundays during worship and we often use your site. Thank you so much for making this available!

  11. Thanks soomuch for this wonderful site. It really a blessing to my congregation hear in Cameroon. May God reward you for this

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